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good morning to you. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. we will get to our black friday coverage in just a bit. first, we begin with developing news on the peninsula. one woman is dead and five others hurt after a major accident on highway 101 in palo alto this morning. the crash involved a chp patrol car and it is tying up traffic near the embarcadero exit. christie smith has been on the scene all morning long. she joins us with the latest on the investigation. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a horrible violent accident. the chp accident investigation team is on scene. we have two lanes of 101 shutdown this morning. one person is dead. a 24-year-old woman riding in the suv with her family this morning. there is debris on the roadway,
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including bags. the car lost a tire and that is where officers are telling us the suv started to roll. it started at 6:45 this morning with a work truck that was pulled over on the shoulder northbound 101 at the embarcadero exit. the driver trying to fix a flat tire on the truck. a chp officer in a patrol car comes up to help. they exchange words and the offic officer pulls over into front of the truck. then the gold suv lexus hit the rear of the patrol car and flipped several times. two people were ejected, including the 24-year-old, this is a family from san bruno. >> a family of six, mother and father in the driver's seat and passenger's seat. dad was driving. the four passengers are all daughters. two of the daughters were ejected. one suffered major injuries. the other sustained fatal
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injuries. >> reporter: the chp officer suffered minor injuries. luckily he had his seatbelt on in that car. it's believed those in the suv had their seatbelts on. officers are unclear what is going on with the two that were thrown from the car. the injuries are critical to minor and all transported to the hospital. investigators told me they found shopping bags from the scene. it is unclear if they were shopping on black friday. they don't believe alcohol was involved. as for the roadway here, we still have the two lanes shutdown. what they are telling me is it will probably be this way at least until 1:00 this afternoon. reporting live in palo alto, christie smith, nbc bay area news. that is tough to see. thank you. fire captain is recovering after getting hurt while battling the thr three-alarm apartment fire in
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the kimberly woods complex near willowleaf drive. the building's roof collapsed on part of the captain. he remains in the hospital this morning. he suffered a neck fracture and concussion. as for the damage, four apartments were destroyed and two others damaged by the heavy smoke and water. a total of 18 people were displaced. >> a lot of smoke and the place went up. way too high. >> now the cause of that fire is under investigation, but officials say it may have started in a fireplace. new this morning, shootings along the israel/gaza border tested the cease-fire. the truce appears to be holding an eight-day offensive on the gaza strip. we have more from ahma
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ahmad mohedian. >> reporter: within a day after going into effect, the fragile cease-fire has been violated. a soldier killed a palestinian man and injured others. it is not clear why they shot on the men on the palestinian side of the fence, but israel had a no-go place along the border. it is a much-needed rainfall that is falling for the farmers here. acre after acre of fresh strawberries grown for european markets. this is peak export season. the only problem with the israeli war, gaza's borders have been sealed off banning all exports and depriving farmers of a key time. lifting the siege and along for the free movement of goods and people was one demand to stop
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rocket attacks. on thursday, the military wing celebrated the cease-fire declaring it a victory. the popularity has skyrocketed in recent days. the farmers need immediate help. especially now that the tunnels used to smuggle farming supplies and weapons, according to israel, were destroyed. israel is reeling from the war. israeli industry has lost more than $50 million. communities are also trying to get back to a normal life here as children return to schools without the sounds of sirens. and while communities try to rebuild, the fear of violence is never far from anyone's mind. despite the deadly attack, palestinians here in gaza will not retaliate and violate the truce. this is an example of why israel cannot be trusted. reporting for nbc, gaza.
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happening now and switching to the holiday shopping season which is now officially under way. it is black friday at stores across the bay area and nationwide, of course. as people race to find the best deals, we have nbc bay area's bob redell at the place to be this shopping season. i know you are not alone, bob. >> reporter: i wasn't this morning. good morning, marla. we are here at paragon outlets in livermore. new outlet mall. the mall opened at 10:00 last night. the big crowds have come and gone. you see the johnny-come-latelies. getting good deals, but not as good as the the ones last night. to get the savings required serious sacrifice and patience from the early bird shoppers. >> black friday. >> reporter: it would seem the answer is no one judging by the thousands of people shopping overnight in 40 degree temperatures at the outlets in livermore. even at 8:00 a.m., shoppers were still lined up for an hour and a
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half outside this crystal store for an early bird sale that had already expired. >> at 7:00, they changed the price back to $25. the deal is gone. >> reporter: who can explain such behavior? like the people who came to the mall straight off an airplane. >> we are holding luggage in the management office for people who flew in from mexico and did not stop anywhere else. they asked us to hang on to their suitcases. >> reporter: what about this man who stayed overnight in livermore only to be stuck behind a wheel of a car. >> we waited an hour on the exit to get here and probably 30 minutes to park. >> was it worth the hour driving and hour parking? maybe. it's black friday and that's what you do. >> reporter: what shoppers lost last night in terms of sanity, they're convinced they made up in savings with discounts of 30%, 40% and 50% and 70% off
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outlet mall pricing. >> maybe $750. >> a few hundred. >> $125. >> i walked off the turkey. >> she did. we know shopping can be a workout. that was our bob redell reportinlive for us from livermore today. most retail stores have all hands on deck work are for black friday. one retailer has a different story. wal-mart employees have walked off the job and protesting poor work conditions and the new black thursday work schedule. employees carried signs outside this wal-mart in san leandro. some say management is not taking them seriously. >> i have been having to manually push these carts. i'm a young in shape man. i can handle it.
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i work with older individuals and younger individuals. it is wear and tear on my body. i would like them to help us have the materials to get the job done. >> similar protests are happening around the country. a wal-mart spokesperson called the protest another publicity campaign aimed at misleading customers and employees. thank goodness it's not raining outside, ms. christina loren. >> thank goodness it's friday. you know worked hard this week. if you had to work this week, we tip our hats to you. it is hard with the holidays. temperatures are nice out there. we have a gorgeous sky overhead. just a few way wispy clouds. 62 in livermore. 60 degrees in sunnyvale. headed to the 70s just about everywhere. we will get close to the
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70-degree mark. mild and sunny. the breeze will pick up for the second half of the day. we will peak as we head through the weekend. peak warmth on saturday. great weather for your outdoor plans. the rain returns next week. we will tell you when on the seven-day forecast. basically, holding on to good-looking weather for the weekend. we, too, can enjoy it. >> as we approach december as well. >> it's so close now. >> christmas is upon us. thank you. malls all over the country packed as people get a jump on holiday shopping and cash in on major discounts. we are talking about black friday. check out the images shot overnight from the premium outlets in gilroy. they are camped out. shoppers packed in tight to try to get the gifts. the coach store was so packed, there was a line to get inside. shoppers looking to get their caffeine fix had to wait in a long line outside starbucks. don't for get the small businesses. small business saturday. a day dedicated to support small
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business. the campaign is sponsored by american express. to find the participating businesses in your area, log on to still ahead at 11:00, more on the black friday phenomenon. we will take you to the nation's biggest mall. plus, black friday goes orange. what the giants are doing to help you with your holiday shopping.
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of course, not just here in the bay area, black friday is a super bowl for bargain hunters across the country. malls are packed with eager shoppers, including the mall of america in minnesota. nbc's jay gray is there with more. >> reporter: the cheers, the chasing. >> a lot of good deals. >> pretty good experience. >> reporter: black friday is now in full swing and nowhere is it bigger than inside the more than
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4 million square feet at the mall of america. >> an adventure. they come looking for the deals. they are here. we see a few. 200,000 people. >> reporter: a merchandise marathon that is run across the country and some places shoppers camping out for the best deals. >> you are saving more than half of it. it's affordable right now. even if you have to be out here to get it. >> reporter: clearly now, that wait is over. millions across the country showing up at stores in waves. >> it is shift shopping. the first shift started at midnight. they were probably gone by 2:00 in the morning. >> the second shift is much more pleasurable. i'll use that word. civil is a good word. >> reporter: civil and judging from the bags, successful for the retailers and those looking for bargains. >> mickey. we have tools. we got the fire rescue stuff.
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i don't know what else i can do damage with, but i'll find out. >> reporter: shopping damage that has become a holiday tradition and seems to be as strong as ever on this black friday. and there is more good news. there have been no reports of incidents or injuries this year. there have been countless cases of shoppers fatigue. jay gray, nbc news at the mall of america. jay, thanks so much. a tree grown in north carolina will deck the halls of the white house this christmas season. the official tree arrived this morning with all the traditional fanfare with the carriage. the 19 foot frazier fir was picked in october in the north carolina mountains and harvested from ash county to washington. you can see first lady michelle obama along with her daughters welcoming the tree to the white house. speaking of christmas trees, bay area cities are getting
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ready to ring in the christmas season. you can come on downtown to san jose. that's where i will be tonight opening the ice skating rink at 5:30 tonight. olympic gold medalist kris kristi yamaguchi will be there. then our own meteorologist christina loren will be at san francisco's square lighting the tree. this is the 48th annual tree lighting there. that gets under way at 5:30 tonight. looking forward to it. >> oh, yes, indeed. >> we have to bundle up? it will be chilly out there in san jose and san francisco. temperatures feeling like the 50s because of the winds we're expecting to pick up. you can meet our own marla tellez out there tonight in san jose. christmas in the park. we meet back here on cyber
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monday. the christmas tree will be all lit up. we are looking forward to that. as we head through the day, clear conditions prevail. it is beautiful out there. winds are picking up a touch. but not too much. we're not talking about really gusty winds. you don't have to tie down objects in your back yard. however, we are going to see the winds increase a touch as we head through tonight. it will add to the wind chill. 58 in san francisco. napa at 61 degrees. 36 earlier this morning. nice rebound. 65 for gilroy. 57 in santa cruz. part of the reason why is we are getting the dry northerly winds. when the winds are coming from the east/northeast, that pushes the marine layer out to sea. no fog in the city by the bay for today. these winds are going to continue to increase. right now, our strongest wind is in livermore. sustained at 14 miles per hour. high pressure builds in more for tomorrow.
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we will peak on saturday at 72 degrees inland. the dry northerly wind at 5 to 15 miles per hour. so we're looking good. 70 in livermore. 70 in concord. 73 for san jose. 73 in gilroy. you can even hit the beach, like i said before, 72 in santa cruz. bring the jacket as the wind will make it feel cooler. the ghiradelli square tree lighting forecast. santa claus and kris kringle or st. nick. you can imagine, chocolate involved as well. 63 degrees at 5:30 when the tree is lit. yesterday was thanksgiving. hard to believe people are decorating for christmas as of today. if you are one of those people, you are using a ladder for the lights. take it easy as you get to the higher elevation. the friction decreases and winds can be stronger.
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take it easy. we are looking really good. as we head through monday and tuesday, the fog returning. on wednesday through thursday, the system of low pressure. it is hard to gauge where it will hit first. it looks like it is creeping up from the south. a south bay rain event. a few showers early on friday. have fun out there, marla. i almost called you martha. >> call me whatever you want. >> just don't call you shirley. >> thanks. have fun, too. you can sip on hot chocolate. coming up next, with reports that alex smith has been cleared to play in new orleans, who will get the nod at qb? we will let you know what one team source has revealed. and giants treat their fans to an orange friday on this black friday. here you go little man.
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are you a las vegas fan? a nevada even tremendous pre in our -- entrepreneur is about to add more stops to your express. the train will start at amtrak train station in fullerton in southern california and would end up in downtown las vegas. the ceo of the venture has struck an agreement with union pacific to run the train on its lines. the hope is the first train will hit the tracks on new year's eve 2013. tickets for the adults only train would cost $99 each way.
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medically clear, but not starting. the quarterback controversy continues. alex smith has been cleared after concussion testing. according to a team source, the plan is to start colin kaepernick on sunday against the new orleans saints. earlier this week, there were reports that head coach jim harbaugh that kaepernick would get the nod on sunday. yesterday, the team insisted that no such decision had been made. they would make the call if and when smith was cleared by a doctor. we shall see. a pair of bay area teens will get invites to a bowl game this season. san jose state is on track for the first bowl appearance since 2006. they could have a pick both according to the college hotline. they could end up from the hawaii bowl to the military bowl in d.c. meanwhile, how other top 25 teams play this weekend determine where stanford will end up. the college hotline says other options are the alamo, fiesta,
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sun or holiday bowl. when we come back, the giants put their own spin on black friday. [ maraca shaking ] ♪ ♪ oh dole-dole-dole ♪ it is a juice for the soul ♪ you can't go wrong with dole ♪ so many flavors ♪ it's hard to control ♪ it's like a carnival ♪ in your mouthhole
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♪ dole -- it is a juice for the soul ♪ [ male announcer ] dole. never dull.
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welcome back. the giants made sure they are not to be forgotten on this black friday. they began selling single game tickets at 10:00. tickets will be able for april and may and june. you can buy tickets on the web site a or any giants dugout store. tickets are sold through christmas eve. i logged on. plenty are available. let's bring home the world series yet again. thanks for spending part of your black friday with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. log on for the latest news, weather and traffic at
11:27 am we leave you now with the saratoga high school marching band in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> the marching band and color guard. students from every continent are represented in the band with over 20 languages spoken. they play the 2012 american overtour. overture.
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